Tama-Beans Spell

Let's Celebrate! Tama-Beans Festival (ままーめままめ! マーメの日 Mama-me mamame! Māme no hi) is part 2 of episode 17 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on February 1, 2010. The episode is written by Michiko Yokote.


Papamametchi and Mamametchi seems to be carefully picking up pieces of food until they were interrupted when Chamametchi and Mametchi came inside. Mametchi seems to take notice of what they are now called, Tama-beans, meaning that the Tama-beans festival is on. The parents say that the festival is an important ceremony and must be careful. They explain that if they are able to make an exact amount of Tama-beans collected, it can expel the evil in their house. But a single mistake, "will cause a terrible astray to happen". Afterwards, the parents asked their kids to change clothes while they begin their ceremony.

After Mametchi puts on his ceremony clothes, Chamametchi ask his brother about the evil things that will happen after making a mistake with the Tama-beans. But Mametchi is unsure what will happen and must not take it as a joke. Once the family gather together, Papamametchi and Mamametchi carefully analyzes the Tama-beans collected. Papamametchi recieves 44 beans, Mamametchi gets 25 beans, Mametchi has 52 beans, and Chamametchi gets 16 beans. Then, the family begins performing the spell. The spell for the beans consists of spinning around, chanting the name, and throwing the beans at the same time. They've performed it around the parts of the house. And comes to a close after pleading to expel the negative energies and falling back flat to the floor.

Finished with the ceremony, everybody now has to pick up the Tama-beans. Hapihapitchi asks why, and Papamametchi replies that the beans have absorbed the negative energies and should be put away. The families begin to pick up all the beans, counting up to the limit of the beans they would get at first. As Chamametchi, Mamametchi, and Papamametchi finished, Mametchi still needs to finish picking up. As he tried reaching out to the beans near the books, Hapihapitchi assists by giving a bean to him. After collecting the last two beans he spotted, he concludes that he got all the beans. Unfortunately, there is one bean hiding behind a stack of books.

Despite the missing bean, Papamametchi says the family managed to get past the ceremony. And everyone can relax. One week later, at nighttime, the missing bean begins to sprout. And then grows at an alarming rate. It toppled Mametchi's bed over, waking him up. He became surprised when there's a tree growing out of his room.

At morning, the neighbors are at the scene and Lovelin begins documenting on the grown tree. Interviewing with Papamametchi, he says he's working in the laboratory to investigate the tree and he is aware that the tree will continue to grow. Mametchi seems to understand the consequences of leaving a bean. Mamametchi double-checks if they are sure of collecting all the beans. Mametchi flashes back at the time when he's still picking up beans. Then suddenly realized he miscounted, and he must do something about it himself. He tries cutting down the tree using an axe, but bounces off. Then he uses his car-shovel to dig up the roots, but after a few hours, nothing happened.

Lovelin receives a notice. She read that the tree has grow alot that Tamagotchi Planet is now having a itch. It is behind the planet and its stubby arms couldn't reach it. Mametchi tries to think, as he dramatizes that the tree will cover the entire planet. In shock, he falls down. Lovelin reports that nobody knows how big the tree will grow and the investigation on it is still ongoing.

Then, Lovelin suddenly sees flowers at the top of the tree. But then the petals have fallen off. The remainder of the flower then blooms into big square beans. And the tree begins to wilt. It was revealed that the life of the tree is a day. At the next event, a square bean popped, revealing a shower of Tama-beans. But it appears to be a different kind of bean, as it has a sweet aroma of a fruit. A pedestrian takes a bite out of it and seems delighted of the flavor. Lovelin eats it and liked it too. This followed up with pedestrians crossing the fence to eat the beans. Mametchi decided to try for himself, and liked it too. Then the remaining growing beans pop, revealing tons of edible Tama-beans, which causes a pile up of the beans.

After the shower stopped, Lovelin states that the shower was only in Tamagotchi Town, thus the planet is completely safe. Everyone leaves. Levaing the Mame Family alone at their house. Mametchi says he doubt nothing can get anymore worse. But for the parents, they said it was only the beginning of the problem of the pile of beans, leaving the kids in question.

At morning, it appears the Mame Family are trying to eat all the beans before they can sprout in a week. They only had a ton of beans gathered left, including the ones outside. Which much to Mametchi's dismay.





"Tamagotchi!" - Let's Celebrate! Tama-Beans Festival10:58

"Tamagotchi!" - Let's Celebrate! Tama-Beans Festival


  • The Tama-Beans festival is based on a real-life Japanese festival known as "setsubun" (known as Bean-Throwing Festival in English translation).

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