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Looking for the Pumpkin Soup Lake (ゴクゴク! パンプキンスープの泉 Gokugoku! Panpukin sūpu no izumi) is part 2 of episode 12 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on December 23, 2009. The episode is written by Aya Matsui.


In the woods, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi are doing a scare rehearsal. Later, Kuchipatchi begins complaining on being hungry. It then reminded Mametchi the first time they came to the woods.

In the flashback, the trio are hunting for the Pumpkin Soup Lake. According to Mametchi's narration, it took them a lot of time to find the lake. They traversed near the stream, through the caves, took shelter from the rain, and even made misdirections. Night falls and the trio became worn out. As Mametchi ponders about where the lake is, Kuchipatchi suddenly gets a whiff of a scent. He then follows the smell of the scent while Mametchi and Memetchi tries to keep up. When the trio reaches the end, they finally found the Pumpkin Soup Lake. They celebrate by taking a delicious drink of the pumpkin soup.

After the end of the flashback, the sky begins to rain. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi were forced to take shelter. Meanwhile, Chamametchi, Kikitchi, and Imotchi are caught in the rain. So the trio builds a shelter made of leaves. As they house under it, Kikitchi seems to complement himself on coming up with the idea of building the shelter, though Imotchi says it was all Chamametchi's idea. Kikitchi replies to her that they're together, and says her ideas is his idea, and vice versa with Chamametchi. Imotchi seems disappointed on Kikitchi, as he is plagiarizing ideas. She says he should come up with his own original ideas. As Kikitchi ponders on it, the rain finally stops.

Back at Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi, they seem to be looking for the three younglings. Memetchi and Kuchipatchi seemed worried about them, but Mametchi trusts they can be independent and find the Pumpkin Soup Lake. So the three take off their Halloween costumes, saying that they won't scare the younglings. Memetchi suggests they they start looking for the three younglings and the boys agree. Unfortunately, the boys and Memetchi are taking different paths, starting an argument. Mametchi hypothesizes his direction while Memetchi contemplates her curled hair on her. But Kuchipatchi has no argument to contribute. Memetchi selfishly chooses her direction, and the boys reluctantly follow her. Elsewhere, The Spacy Brothers pops out of the bushes, who appear to be looking for the Pumpkin Soup Lake as well.

Back at the younglings, Chamametchi, Kikitchi, and Imotchi, the three continues their search for the Pumpkin Soup Lake. At the same time, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi, are looking for it too. When the scene shifts back to the younglings, they encounter a steep cliff. As the girls wonder if they should go around it or not, Kikitchi uses one of the leaves nearby as sleds to slide down the cliff. The girls follow him down using the same method. They thank Kikitchi for the idea, whom he runs into a tree root after his pumpkin container covers his head. Returning to Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi, the trio suddenly finds themselves back at the shelter where they previously used to get under the rain.

The Spacey Brothers and the younglings suddenly made their respective discoveries where they supposedly thought to be the Pumpkin Soup Lake. The Spacey Brothers rush to their location and jumps into a lake. They start taking a drink on the lake and they thought to be "delicious". Akasupetchi somewhat suspects that the "Pumpkin Soup Lake" tastes like water. It turns out to be true when the brothers weren't aware of the running water tap that flows into the small reservoir.

At the youngling's discovery, they finally found the Pumpkin Soup Lake. So they celebrate by taking a drink out of it and they all became delighted of its flavor. Back at Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi, they have no idea where the younglings are as they have lost track. Then Kuchipatchi begins to complain of hunger. At a sudden sense, he suddenly begins dashing at his direction while Mametchi and Memetchi follow him. Coincidentally, the three found the Pumpkin Soup Lake. Before Kuchipatchi could get a drink, Memetchi spots the mugs the trio previously used years ago. Then Mametchi spots mugs which belong to the younglings, who were pleased that they've found the lake as well.

Chamametchi returns home and tells Mamametchi, Papamametchi, and her pet Hapihapitchi, about her discovery of the pumpkin soup lake. The three were glad of her success. But Papamametchi wonders where their son Mametchi is. He was last seen with Memetchi and Kuchipatchi who are arguing where the path back to town is.





"Tamagotchi!" - Looking For The Pumpkin Soup Lake

"Tamagotchi!" - Looking For The Pumpkin Soup Lake