Mamemame laboratory 2015

2015 Tamagotch Channel artwork

The Mamemame Laboratory (まめまめ研究所 Mamemame Kenkyūjo) is a large building in Mame City.  It is the laboratory that many scientists go to in order to conduct research.  Some of the most well-known Tamagotchis who work here are Papamametchi, Mamehakasetchi, Tensaitchi, and Tensaitchi Jr. Mr. Turtlepedia and Professor Flask help out here sometimes. Mamemametchi is the founder of the Mamemame Laboratory.


The Mamemame Laboratory looks like a large, tall blue rectangular building. There is a large clear sphere on top of the building with a decoration that looks like a Tamagotchi head inside. There are four large screws on the front of building. A fence surrounds the entire building and nearby area,

Originally, official artwork depicted the building as being mostly blue and yellow, and sitting on top of a large hill. In the anime, the building appears to be mostly blue and purple, and is on flat ground.

In the Anime


Mamemame Laboratory from Tamagotchi: The Movie

In Tamagotchi: The Movie, the scientists work at Mamemame Laboratory to find out why Tamagotchi Planet has a cold, and to look for Sunnytchi

In Tamagotchi!, the Mamemame Laboratory was shown when scientists were studying the Egg Curse.

In episode 1 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!, Papamametchi and Mamehakasetchi study the Tamagottsun at the Mamemame Laboratory.