Mamesunnytchi anime

Anime version of Mamesunnytchi from Tamagotchi: The Movie.

Mamesunnytchi (まめたいようっち Mametaiyōtchi) is Mametchi's personal artificial life sun that he made in the first Tamagotchi feature film, Tamagotchi The Movie. He is similar to Sunnytchi, but much tinier. Mametchi created Mamesunnytchi to help him overcome his fear of the dark.

Mamesunnytchi can only say two onomatopoeia words everytime he talks, "twinkle, twinkle". In the Japanese version, this is "kirakirari" (きらきらり).

After Mametchi no longer needs Mamesunnytchi (explained in plot), he lives in Patchi Forest, relaxing in the hot springs with Sunnytchi. This is depicted in the ending credits of the first movie, and in brief scenes from Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!

Name Origin

Mamesunnytchi's name comes from Mame and sunny, as Mamesunnytchi was made by Mametchi and also is a miniature Sunnytchi. Also, "Mametaiyōtchi" comes from Sunnytchi's Japanese name, Taiyōtchi. (太陽 taiyō means sun.)