This article is about the modern character. For information on the vintage character, see Maskutchi.

Masktchi (ますくっち Masukutchi) is a female adult Tamagotchi character. She debuted on Tamagotchi Connection as a genderless adult, but would later be female-only as of the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.


Masktchi appears to have a white body with a red mask and a scarf. She has stick legs and arms. Her eyes are not normally visible, as half of her head is covered. When she's happy, her eyes and mouth can be seen.


Masktchi uses her large mask to hide from others, as she is too shy to show her true face. She has difficulty making friends. Her favorite things to do are to talk to Gozarutchi, listen to music, and watch TV. Her secret is that she wants to be a spy, and has a fond crush on Gozarutchi.


Masktchi's name comes from the English word "mask".


Tamagotchi Connection Versions 1, 2, and 3

Masktchi is obtained through severe neglect on odd generations, and is gender-ambiguous. She sleeps at 10:15 PM, wakes at 10 AM, likes hamburgers and dislikes milk (V2 and V3 only).

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4

Masktchi is a female universal adult, who evolves from any one of the teen characters, although Ojyotchi and Hawaikotchi have a slightly higher chance of evolving into Masktchi than other female teenagers, most likely because they are part of the Universal group. Masktchi is effectively a trap; she appears if a child character was neglected by a fairly large amount in two days, even if the skill point total is or exceeds a total of 60. She sleeps from 10 PM to 10 AM.

Tamagotchi Music Star

Masktchi is a poor care adult that can only be obtained on odd generations.


Masktchi sprite


Masktchi hiding

C-click reaction for Masktchi

  • For the C-click reaction on classic Tamagotchis, Masktchi will try to hide below the screen (in contrast to most other characters, who approach the screen and smile).

Appearances in the Anime

Masktchi makes several cameo appearances in Tamagotchi: The Movie and Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!.