Mitoboyatchi, also known as Mitoboya (ミートボヤ Mītobōya) or "Meatboya", is a child stage character who debuted on the Oden-Kun Tamagotchi, which is its latest appearance to date.


Mitoboyatchi has a large pink head, small eyes and an orange pacifier in its mouth. It has a small body and wears yellow trousers with flower and lace print.

Appearance on Virtual Pets

Oden-Kun Tamagotchi

Mitoboyatchi evolves from either Konnyakutchi or Tamagotchi in the first generation, and in later generations from parents with low training levels. Meatboyatchi sleeps from 8 PM to 9 AM.[citation needed]

Name Origin

Mitoboyatchi's name comes from the name of the character Mitoboya from the Japanese cartoon, Lily Franky presents The Adventures of Oden-Kun, which in turn is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the English word meat and the Japanese slang term ぼうや bōya meaning "boy".


Mitoboyatchi sprite

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