Memepetchi (めめぺっち)
Memepetchi no bg
Genders and Releases:
Memepetchi sprite

Memepetchi (めめぺっち) is a female child stage Tamagotchi character. She debuted on the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus. She later appeared on the Tamagotchi School, the Tamagotchi Plus Color and the Hexagontchi.


Memepatchi has a light pink body that somewhat resembles an upside down heart. She has pink,oval-shaped ears, pink cheeks, and sparkly eyes. She has tiny stick-like feet.


This Tamagotchi loves to boast about her pink ears and pretty eyes.

On Virtual Pets

Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus

Memepetchi is the female child character of the Meme Family. She evolves from Memeputchi. She can evolve into either Ichigotchi or Young Memetchi. Her male counterpart is Memebotchi.

Tamagotchi School

Memepetchi is student #105. Her favorite subject is music.

Tamagotchi Plus Color/Hexagontchi

Memepetchi is one of two female child stage characters. She evolves from Nokotchi on an even generation and can evolve into either Chamametchi or Ichigotchi.

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