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Genders and Appearances:
Micheltchi sprite

Micheltchi (ミシェルっち Misherutchi) is an adult character exclusive to the Yasashii Tamagotch.


Micheltchi has a oval-shaped, peach-colored body with a small, pink beak, narrow eyes and two stick legs. It has an unusual hairstyle that sticks out at the top and back of its head, and curled sideburns.


Micheltchi looks awkward compared to other Tamagotchis. Touching it can cause it to break out in hives. Having been raised on Earth, it was never adapted to survive on the Tamagotchi Planet. Being stranded there makes it homesick and ill.

Appearances on Virtual Pets


Micheltchi evolves from Meruhetchi with severe neglect, or Mayumarutchi with average care (or worse). Micheltchi is the worst possible adult on the Yasashii.


  • Professor Banzo raised one of these by mistake, and never scheduled to send it back to the Tamagotchi Planet. However, one managed to sneak on board a UFO. This suggests that Micheltchi did not exist prior to Tamagotchis visiting Earth.

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