(みどてっち Midotetchi) is a male character that only appeared in episode 123 of the Tamagotchi! anime.

In the Anime

Midotetchi lives in Hana Hana Village (はなはな村 Hana Hana Mura, lit. Flower Flower Village). He and Harukazetchi (from Kaze Kaze Village) look after trees. However, they never got along with each other. When they fought, the trees started to die, and so they learned to make friends with each other. This caused a Tama Heart to appear.


Midotetchi is light green with a darker green, leafy bush on his head. His body is green with light green arms, and he wears a brown scarf. He has small round eyes and black eyebrows.

Name origin

Mido (みど) means "green" or "greenery".


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