Mikotchi (みこっち)
08 みこっち
Genders and Releases:
Chibi Mikotchi

Mikotchi (みこっち Mikotchi) is a female character who's occupation is a Japanese Buddhist priestess. Her first appearance was on the Japanese Chibi Tamagotchi Kaien Version as a special character. Her latest appearance is on the Tamagotchi Plus Color, as the shrine maiden who greets the Tamagotchi Character when they visit the temple.

She is normally a Tamagotchi character that gives out lucky Japanese tickets. She also gives them out on the Deka Tamagotchi and the Tamagotchi Plus Color (occasionally when visiting the Japanese Buddhist statue).

Mikotchi is similar to Maikotchi, another Buddhist Tamagotchi character.


She has a yellow face with Kuchipatchi-like mouth and eyes. She has dark hair tied with an orange hair clip, and she wears a white coat with a red skirt.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Mini Good Luck Ver.

Mikotchi is a secret character obtained by giving good care to Darumatchi until it passes away. If good care is taken of the next generation's Marutchi, it will evolve into Mikotchi.

Name origin

Miko (巫女) is a Japanese word meaning "shrine maiden".

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