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Genders and Releases:

Mimikotchi sprite small

Mimikotchi (みみこっち Mimikotchi) is a female adult character that appears exclusively on the Mesutchi. Her male counterpart is Marumimitchi.


She looks similar to Marumimitchi. She has a yellow face with black arms and legs. She has black ears on top of her head shaped like hearts. She has large round white eyes with black pupils. She wears a pink dress, but it is sometimes depicted as red.


Her ideal guy is "more of a big-brother type than a handsome charmer". "But it won't hurt for him to be good-looking, too!" says Mimikotchi!

On Virtual Pets


Mimikotchi is a TMP2 adult that evolves from Morutchi with average care or better, though can evolve from neglecting Batabatchi. Marrying her to any TMP2 Osutchi will result in PetitChocotchi being born. Marrying any TMP3 or TMP4 adult will result in Teletchi, while marrying any TMP1 adult will result in Kuritchi. Her base weight is 20g, and she sleeps from 10 PM to 9 AM.

Name Origin

Japanese. "Mimi" means ears. "Ko" is a suffix in girl's names.


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