Miracle white christmas
Miracle White Christmas! (ミラクル ホワイト クリスマス! Mirakuru howaito kurisumasu!) is episode 109 of the Tamagotchi! anime. It aired on December 19, 2011. The creator of the episode is Michiko Yokote.

Plot Summary

Christmas is coming to Tamagotchi Town once again. The gang are at Tama Cafe; Tomomi is telling her Tama-Friends about Christmas back on The Earth. The friends continue to talk about Christmas, and they say that they would love for it to snow. They then decide it would be a good idea to have a Christmas Party.

Yukipatchi suddenly arrives at Tama Cafe. Everyone is surprised to see her, and Kuchipatchi runs to her with shining eyes, blushing. He is so delighted to see her, he thinks it's a dream, but Yukipatchi assures him it isn't. They cheer happily, and Kuchipatchi introduces Yukipatchi to Tomomi. Yukipatchi tells Tomomi she is from North North Point and shakes her hand; Tomomi is startled at first because Yukipatchi's hand is so cold. Kuchipatchi invites Yukipatchi to have some dessert, but she says she has a surprise to show the friends.

The gang are now by a large Christmas tree. Yukipatchi is holding a glass bell with a red ribbon around it. Inside the bell is a mysterious green essence. Yukipatchi sways the bell and the green essence spirals into the sky, disappearing in the clouds. Yukipatchi rings her bell and the clouds gather together. It starts snowing, and the friends are delighted. Then Yukipatchi picks up an even larger container of the green essence and tosses it towards the sky. The whole sky fills with snow clouds and it snows everywhere.

The next morning, Tomomi wakes up and it is strangely dark. She looks over to the window, but all she can see is whiteness. She opens the window and she places her hand against the white stuff; she discovers it is snow. She walks downstairs to Lovelitchi and Melodytchi. All the windows and even the door all blocked by snow. Lovepapalitchi uses a ladder to open the chimney; some snow falls down and he falls to the floor. Tomomi can see some sky through the chimney, so she climbs up the ladder. All around her, Tamagotchi Town is entirely buried under deep snow. Melodytchi, Lovelitchi, and Lovelitchi's parents come up to observe the scene as well.

Lovelitchi calls all her friends to tell them to get out of their houses through the ceiling. Kuchipatchi and Yukinkotchi are eating ice cream together when Papapatchi tells them to go up and meet with their Tama-Friends. Soon Tomomi, Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, Kuchipatchi, Yukipatchi, Mametchi, Moriritchi, Makiko, Chamametchi, Hapihapitchi, and Violetchi are all together. They can see two figures in the distance, Santaclautchi and Akahanatchi. Akahanatchi keeps going in random directions, so the gang go over to help.

Santaclautchi is getting ready to deliver presents, but he realizes he is completely lost. Because the snow is covering everything, he cannot tell where all his destinations are. The Tama-Friends try to work out directions but they are confused as well. Then they spot something in the distance; it is the top of TAMAX-TV poking out from the snow. In the other direction, they see the top of a windmill shaped like a Christmas tree. Mametchi is excited and says that now that they know which way is left and which way is right, they should be able to work out where they are.

Mametchi draws a map in the snow, and the friends start pointing out where all the Tamagotchis' houses are. The directions are now worked out, but Santaclautchi and Akahanatchi still seem worried. Lovelitchi guesses why, and offers to help out in delivering the presents. All the friends want to help as well and dress up in Santa outfits. Kizunatchi wants to help too but she cannot because she can only stay inside the Tama Profy. It is soon night time and the Tama-Friends are digging holes in the snow, to get to the houses.

After everyone has finished giving presents to the Tamagotchis, they all meet up together, except for Santaclautchi and Akahanatchi. Kizunatchi comes up with the idea that they should give a present to Santaclautchi and Akahanatchi, so Kuchipatchi and Yukipatchi are sent to fetch them. The four of them all return to the others, and the gang have prepared a Christmas party with a big feast. Mametchi says it is a Christmas present for Santaclautchi and Akahanatchi, and the two of them are very grateful. However, Lovelitchi says to thank Kizunatchi, since she is the one who came up with the idea.

All of a sudden, the snow starts glowing. Several Tama Hearts emerge from the snow and rise into the sky. Lovelitchi and Melodytchi both tap their Tama Profys, and all the Tama Hearts turn into Star Hearts. Then Santaclautchi's sleigh starts glowing. A Tama Heart mural with a picture of a Christmas tree rises from it. All the Star Hearts float to the Tama Heart mural, surrounding it, and then a Tree Heart emerges from it. The Tree Heart separates into two, and both of them go into the Tama Profys, followed by all the Star Hearts.

Lovelitchi and Melodytchi are very confused to have collected two different types of Tama Hearts at once. Then a glowing egg ejects from the Tama Profys and floats high in the sky. It glows brighter, stars to jiggle, and then it hatches open. Everyone is amazed to see Kizunatchi, now outside of the Tama Profy. She flies around cheerfully, happy to be outside, and eats some of the Christmas cake. Santaclautchi says how fun it was to deliver the presents with everyone, and the friends say, "Merry Christmas!"