Moeraketchi artwork

Genders and Appearances:
Challenge Town

Moeraketchi (もえラケっち Moeraketchi) is a male adult Tamagotchi character who debuted in the video game Tamagotchi no Narikiri Challenge.


Moeraketchi has pale blue skin, and a tall, flame-like hairstyle. He has oval-shaped eyes with red four-pointed stars for pupils. He wears a white polo shirt, white shorts, and a white visor. He often carries a light pinkish-purple tennis racket with him.


Moeraketchi is very passionate and exuberant, and he often speaks in a rather dramatic manner. He is a highly skilled tennis player, and he owns a tennis court in Challenge Town.

In the Anime

Moeraketchi appears in part 2 of episode 56 of Tamagotchi!. He is the first instructor that Mametchi and his friends meet while they are exploring Challenge Town. Moeraketchi implores them to participate in a tennis training session, and they accept. Moeraketchi teaches them how to play tennis.

Name Origin

Moeraketchi's name comes from two words. The first is moeru (燃える), a Japanese word that means 'burning' or 'getting fired up', which reflects Moeraketchi's passionate personality and flame-like hairstyle. The second is raketto (ラケット), a Japanese transliteration of the English word racket, since Moeraketchi plays tennis.


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