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This article is about a Tamagotchi Release
The original Tamagotchi Garden promotional image.
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The Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch (森で発見!たまごっち, meaning Forest Discovery! Tamagotchi), but much more commonly refered to as the Morino or Forestgotchi, was a bug-themed Tamagotchi released in 1997. An American release titled the Tamagotchi Garden, was planned for summer 1998, but it was eventually canceled.

Like the Tamagotchi Ocean and the Tamagotchi Angel, the Mori no Tamagotch had a sound sensor that reacted to sounds of tapping and yelling, which was used to scare away frogs and human feet.

Shell Designs

There are a total of four shell designs, all of them having the words "Morino Tamagotch" written at the top. One is yellow with bright green leaves and vines around it, one is white with little brown drawings of leaves and Tamagotchis, one is completely brown with a small picture of a Tamagotchi in the corner, and
The four different Morino designs
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the last one is also yellow with green and orange leaves surrounding it.

It appears as though the Tamagotchi Garden was also meant to have four different designs (as shown in the picture above), but they were never released.

Overhead View

Unlike other Tamagotchis, the Morino has a feature called the "overhead view",
The overhead view
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which works similar to a screensaver. When a Morino is left alone for five seconds, the screen will change to the overhead view. The overhead views shows your Tamagotchi as a small dot moving around between two trees. If it's asleep, then the dot will stay in place. Pressing any button will revert it back to the regular screen.


The game in the Morino is based on luck. The player must choose one of several hats, and if they find a leaf underneath it, they win the round. There are only four rounds, while the other vintages usually have games with five rounds. If the player gets two or less leaves, they lose, and their Tamagotchi will not gain any happiness hearts. Winning three rounds will get the Tamagotchi one happiness heart. If the player manages to win all four rounds their Tamagotchi will gain two happiness hearts.


Growth Chart
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There is a total of 14 characters that can be raised within the Morino. The characters are referred to as Mushitchi, meaning "bug Tamagotchi".

There are two types of eggs that can be chosen to hatch on the Morino - a polka dot egg or a white egg. By choosing the polka dot egg, the player's Tamagotchi will always grow into Kabutotchi. If you choose the white egg, you are able to obtain many different characters. The goal is to make the Tamagotchi as big as possible. There is a "length" meter to keep track of this. The white egg is like other Tamagotchi eggs. It grows up based on how you care for it.

When your Tamagotchi evolves into a teenager, it will turn into a cocoon for the next 24 hours. In this stage, the caretaker has to control the temperature. If it is mostly hot, the Tamagotchi will turn into a "warmer" character, or if the temperature is mostly cold, the Tamagotchi will turn into a "colder" character.

List of Characters

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