Morijikatchi (もりじかっち Morijikatchi) is a male adult Tamagotchi character who will debut on the Tamagotchi m!x.


Morijikatchi has a light yellow-green bushy body with dark oval-shaped eyes and blue cheeks. The area around his neck and on top of his head is a darker shade of green than the rest of his body. He has two leaves on each side of head that resemble ears, and light brown branches coming out of his head that resemble antlers. He has a tail that resembles a light brown twig with a green leaf at the end, and light brown feet.

Name Origin

Morijikatchi's name comes from mori, the Japanese word for forest. Jika is similar to the Japanese word shika, which means deer. In this case, Morijikatchi's name may be based on nihonjika (ニホンジカ), the Japanese name for the Sika deer.



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