Mumutchi (むむっち Mumutchi) is a male adult character introduced on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5. His female counterpart is Memetchi.


He looks a bit like Memetchi.  Mumutchi is blue in colour and has a curl leaning horizontally. He has a small, dark-blue hat, sparkly eyes and Kuchipatchi-like lips.


Mumutchi is energetic, and his dream is to be a detective. When something interests him, he jumps into investigation but has never solved a problem. When he doesn't like something, he pouts.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

Mumutchi can be obtained from any male teen with a bonding from 40% to 70%, and the training items associated with the Cheerful Family used. If a Memetchi marries one while she is at 100% bonding, they will create the Memetchi Family.


Mumutchi sprite

Name Origin

His name may be derived from the word muchi, which is the Japanese word for "ignorance".


On the activity DVD that comes specially with Version 5, he is mistakenly depicted as being a girl.

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