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My Friend (マイ·フレンド)
Hometown and Gender:
Inside the Melody Violin

My Friend (マイ·フレンド Mai Furendo) as called by Melodytchi or Girl of the Violin (バイオリンの女の子 Baiorin no Onnanoko) as most commonly known in Japan, is a female character who lives inside Melodytchi's Melody Violin, or the soul of the violin (The Melody Violin was owned by Shodai Joou Sama, it was her magical and precious violin). She appears in episode 119 as a mysterious character, and in episode 120 where she evolves.


From episode 119, she apparently leaves the Melody Violin after she feels that Melodytchi cares more about her Tama-Friends than her. After leaving her on her bed when she goes out to play with her friends. Which ends up giving the Melody Violin no music when it is played, making Melodytchi really upset.

Unknowing what has happened to her violin, she goes back to Melody Land, Melodytchi's hometown, along with her friends to ask Joou Sama if she knows what's wrong. She suggests that Melodytchi should go to the Melody Forest, and Melodytchi accepts, taking her friends with her.

After playing in the forest they find a small house near a lake with a stage. Where Melodytchi plays her soundless Violin, but ends up getting interrupted by Kuchipatchi's hungry stomach. They go inside the small house and eat, after eatting Melodytchi goes back to the stage and plays her violin again. When playing she notices a small Tamagotchi watching her in the bright sunlight across the lake. It then runs away from Melodytchi, who runs after it. Her friends then see her running and follow her, but then lose track of her.

In episode 120, Melodytchi catches up to the mysterious character and pulls her out of another bright light. She tells the shy character her name but doesn't say anything. Seeing that its almost dark they go into a small cave under a tree and sleep there for the night, still the character doesn't say anything to Melodytchi. But often stares at Melodytchi's Violin. She also However sleeps on Melodytchi's lap throughtout the night. Her friends are now worried and deside to go to bed and search for her in the morning.

The next day Melodytchi and the character go out and explore the Melody Forest, trying to find they way back to the same house. Along the way Melodytchi hums Happy Heart and suddenly the character starts humming too. Unknowing how the character nows the song, she realizes that its My Friend, who she calls her violin.

When they get to the small house, Melodytchi asks if the character would like some sweets. The character shakes her head. Then Melodytchi goes up to the stage and plays her violin. The character's face suddenly goes sad and walks away. Melodytchi tells her that she knows that she is My Friend. Melodytchi says she does not understand what is going on but tells her that she loves her violin very much and wants to know why its not making any more music. My Friend then runs to Melodytchi, and Melodytchi runs to her and hugs her. Telling her that Melodytchi loves her Tama-Friends more than her. My Friend was afraid that she became a nuisance to Melodytchi, because she cannot follow a technique to grow up everyday of her. Saying that she keeps leaving her behind. Melodytchi then remembers, (at the start of episode 119) leaving her on her bed to play with her friends. She says sorry but tells her she takes care of her violin, that she doesn't want it to get damaged, saying that its so close to her heart. My Friend says she is sorry for misunderstanding Melodytchi, and Melodytchi says it's alright.

Suddenly My Friend starts to glow and stands back, then she suddenly evolves. Melodytchi says she looks so cute. My Friend thanks Melodytchi and suddenly disappaears. Melodytchi then notices her violin is now glowing as well, and turns white. She then smiles and picks up her violin and plays her new song to thank My Friend, Smile For Tomorrow. Her friends then hear the music and find Melodytchi at the stage.


  • My Friend's adult form also appears in the volume 10 Tamamori refill stickers, Spring Concert set.
  • In the anime, Riwa Tanaka provides her voice.