Nakinishimo Arakawatchi


Nakinishimo haneru2

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Nakinishimo Arakawatchi (無きにしも荒川っち) is a male child Tamagotchi character that appears exclusively on the Hanerutchi 2.


Nakinishimo Arakawatchi resembles a young human boy. He has short grey hair which has not grown past the top of his ears. He has very small and thin eyebrows and closed eyes, and an L shaped nose which appears to be runny. Like the other child characters, he is wearing a kindergartner's uniform.


Nakinishimo Arakawatchi serves as the male child character of the Owarai Group. He evolves from a male Akachantchi, and after 48-61 hours he can evolve into either Tsukaji Taisuketchi with 0-3 care mistakes or Yamamoto Munkutchi with 4 or more. He goes to sleep at 8:00 PM, and wakes up at 9:00 AM.

Name Origin

Nakinishimo Arakawa is the name of a character from a skit called Tetsuya and Dad (哲哉とお父さん Tetsuya to otōsan) from the show Haneru no Tobira.

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