Patchiman kuchipatchi
New Hero? Patchiman Datchi (新ヒーロー? ぱっちマンだっち Shin hīrō? Patchiman datchi) is part two of episode 33 of the Tamagotchi! anime. It was rebroadcast as the 7th Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO episode on the 14 of May, 2015.


Kuchipatchi is going for a walk, commenting to himself on how hungry he is, when he suddenly hears a cry for help. He looks to see the Eco-usatchi Triplets chasing a wheelbarrow filled with recyclable bottles rushing down the street. Kuchipatchi panics, but manages to stop the wheelbarrow with his bare hands. The triplets ask if he is okay and even though his hands throb with pain, he gives a thumbs-up.

The triplets beam at him in admiration and thank him. They all agree that he is a hero. Kuchipatchi's tummy growls and the "O" triplet gives him a loaf of bread from her shopping bag as a reward. He happily eats it and the triplets wave goodbye. As Kuchipatchi continues walking, an idea reaches his mind.

At the donut shop, Donutchi is troubled because the donut he ordered for the shop is way too huge. Kuchipatchi appears on a rooftop with a red cape and a pot on his head, introducing himself as Patchiman. Donutchi looks confused and starts to say Kuchipatchi's name, who cuts him off and repeats his name as Patchiman. Kuchipatchi, or "Patchiman", leaps onto the giant donut and starts eating it all up. By the time he is done, his stomach is bloated and Donutchi worries if he's okay. Patchiman insists that he's okay and dashes away.

At a traffic light, Kumattatchi is worried about crossing the road. Patchiman appears at the top of a tree, and then awkwardly slides down the trunk, introducing himself as Patchiman again. Kumattatchi stares at him for a few moments and then goes back to fidgeting in a worrisome way. Patchiman strikes a dramatic pose and then gently pushes the traffic light button for him. Kumattatchi thanks him, and is about to call him Kuchipatchi until Patchiman correct him. Then, his belly growls, and Kumattatchi gives him a candy. Patchiman dashes away after eating it.

At Tamagotchi School, Uwasatchi tells Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Lovelitchi, and Telelin about a rumor of a new hero in town called Patchiman. Kuchipatchi starts telling the others about Patchiman and that they should all meet him. As they leave school, along with Violetchi and Makiko, they run into Gourmetchi. He is upset because he lost his chocolates. Kuchipatchi suddenly excuses himself and runs off; seconds later, Patchiman runs over and starts sniffing out the chocolates. Kuchipatchi's friends watch with awkward expressions on their faces. Mametchi is about to say that Patchiman is Kuchipatchi, but Makiko tells him not to say it.

Soon, Patchiman has located the box of chocolates and returns them to Gourmetchi. Patchiman's tummy growls, and Gourmetchi gives him a chocolate. He eats it happily and runs away again. Kuchipatchi returns, sweating and panting. He asks if Patchiman had been there, and Memetchi responds with a yes. Kuchipatchi acts distraught because he had wanted to meet the hero. Lovelitchi tells him not to worry because he might get the chance later, and the others comment on how amazing Patchiman is. Mametchi is surprised that everyone is pretending they don't realize Kuchipatchi is Patchiman.

Later, the gang are going for a walk when they see a truck full of boxes. There is an old man struggling to carry the boxes. Kuchipatchi says he needs to go, and Mametchi says that he needs to leave as well, making the others baffled. Patchiman appears shortly, but this time, a new hero introduces himself as well: "MameGotchiman". Lovelitchi remarks that it is Mametchi, while MameGotchiman challenges Patchiman to see who can help the old man the best.

Patchiman and MameGotchiman begin carrying as many boxes as possible into the truck. Their friends watch in excitement, although the old man seems dismayed. Unbeknownst to the others, Violetchi sneaks away during the midst of this. Finally, all of the boxes are in the truck, and both Patchiman and MameGotchiman are exhausted. They ask the old man who the better hero was, and he responds that he had actually wanted to take all of the boxes out of the truck. The two heroes are horrified while the old man begins the hard work all over again.

At Tamagotchi School, Kuchipatchi announces that Patchiman will no longer be around. The others are quite happy about this and Kuchipatchi is relieved that he doesn't have to sneak around pretending to be a superhero. But suddenly, a new hero jumps onto the teacher's desk and introduces herself as "Dark Flower X". Violetchi, or Dark Flower X, laughs as she startles Mametchi and Kuchipatchi.




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