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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

The yellow Oden-Kun shell.

The Oden-Kun Tamagotchi is a limited edition Tamagotchi released in Japan in March 2007. It features similar programming to that of the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus but, similar to the Hanerutchi 1, the characters are from a Japanese TV show. Unlike the latter, however, the Oden-Kun Tamagotchi is based on the TV show, Lily Franky Presents the Adventures of Odenkun, otherwise known as Odenkun.


There are two shell designs release for the Oden-Kun Tamagotchi. Both shells featured two charms and had a certain color scheme. They both had "Odenkun" written on them in hiragana and featured a central character. They also have different decorations on them.

The first shell is yellow with blue buttons and a blue rim around the screen. The shell features Odenkuntchi and has several white and pink stars around it. The two charms are Odenkuntchi and Pero.

The second shell is pink with red buttons and a red rim around the screen. The shell features Tamagochantchi and has several red and white hearts around it. The two charms are Tamagochantchi and Ganguro Tamagochantchi.


The characters on the Oden-Kun Tamagotchi, with the exception of Konnyakutchi, Tamagotchi and Meka Odenkuntchi are created from the main residents of Oden Village, which is located inside Ojisan's cooking pot (the manager of the oden stand). Most characters have a Japanese suffix on the end of their name which comes directly before the "tchi".

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