Okkana-sensei (おっかな先生)
Okana sensei artwork
Genders and Appearances:

Okkana-sensei (おっかな先生) is a male Tamagotchi who is the gym coach at DoriTama School. He first appeared on the Tamagotchi P's. He appears in the GO-GO Tamagotchi! anime, and he is a guest character on the Tamagotchi 4U


Okkana-sensei has pink skin and a darker pink beak. His head is square-shaped, and he has spiky hair and bangs. His eyes look like half-circles, and in the anime he has blue irises. He wears a red shirt and red pants.


Okkana-sensei is enthusiastic and energetic. He is very passionate about his class. He encourages and challenges his students.

In the Anime

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Okkana-sensei appeared in "Fierce Fight! World Tama Cup". He splits the class into three teams and arranges an obstacle course for them to race through. 


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