The Ongaku Group is one of the three groups found on the Hanerutchi 2. It replaces the Mame Group and UraMame Group of the Entama and Uratama respectively.

The Ongaku Group is often stylized as "Ongaku♪" likely because the characters in this group are musical. Therefore when Akachantchi hatches from an egg in this group, it will start out with ten "Music" GUT points. The Music GUT category is also represented by this symbol.

When a Hanerutchi 2 is first started up, be it after unboxing or resetting, the baby has a 1/3 chance of being in the Ongaku group, and will normally be in this group every three downloads. However, adult characters who are from the Ongaku group can produce babies from any of the three groups depending on which character they marry, and adult characters from any of the three groups can produce babies from the Ongaku group.

The Ongaku group consists of the following characters:

The Ongaku group's main representative is the male adult Leijitchi, who is obtainable from either of the two male teens in the Ongaku group with high music points. If he has 200 music GUT points by the time he has graduated from school, gets the top job on the list and passes the interview and has 999 Music GUT points within 72 hours of him getting a job, then he will evolve into Ryujitchi. Male Akachantchi will evolve into Tetsuyatchi and female Akachantchi will evolve into Aka Shatsu no Rozerutchi. Any of the seven adults can evolve into Morinoshintchi.

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