Ootamutchi (おおたむっち)

Genders and Releases:

Ootamutchi haneru sprite

Ootamutchi (おおたむっち) is a gender-neutral adult stage character that appears on the Hanerutchi and Hanerutchi 2. Ootamutchi is based on one of the characters from the Japanese comedy TV show, Haneru No Tobira.


Ootamutchi resembles a runner with black hair and large lips. It wears a white T-shirt, blue pants, and a red headband.

Appearance in Virtual Pets

Hanerutchi 1

Ootamutchi is obtainable though using the "Yumeko-chan's photo" item on Mugatchi. If the user uses it again, Ootamutchi will turn back into Mugatchi.

Hanerutchi 2

Ootamutchi appears in the Comedy game as the character that runs on the track.

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