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Genders and Releases:
Oshamatchi sprite

Oshamatchi (おしゃまっち) is an adult character exclusive to, and serves as the mascot for, the Yasashii Tamagotch.

Oshamatchi appeared in the 15th Anniversary Character Poll as a female candidate.


Oshamatchi has a pink body and a peach-colored face with rosy cheeks and a catlike mouth. She wears a large hat with white and pink stripes, and three hairs stick out of the front.


A Tamagotchi who lived in urban areas on Earth. Oshamatchi considers herself to be trendy, and likes to document recent fashion trends. She can predict Earth fashion trends easily. She is currently becoming obsessed with looking for undiscovered Tamagotchi eggs among the stars.

Appearances on Virtual Pets


Oshamatchi evolves from Meruhetchi with perfect care.


  • In his description of Oshamatchi, Professor Banzo expresses concern that he's never documented a Tamagotchi like her living on the Tamagotchi Planet. This, coupled with Oshamatchi's human-like appearance and interest in Earth fashion and culture, suggests that Oshamatchi may be a new species of Tamagotchi that has begun to adapt to life on Earth.


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