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Owaraitchi sprite

Owaraitchi (おわらいっち Owaraitchi) is a pair of Tamagotchis who appear in Deai Hakken!! Arukotch. They are part of the Gotchi Boys, and are non-playable characters that Arukotchi can date. The two individuals are named "Pū" (プゥ) and "Pī" (ピィ), but they are counted as one character in the game, under the name "Owaraitchi".


Puu is the shorter of the two. He has a chubby pink body and a light peach-colored head. His eyes are like dots, and he has pink lips. There is a single, wavy strand of hair on the top of his head.

Pii is the taller of the two. He has a purple body with skinny, stick-like arms and legs. His head is light blue, and resembles an upside-down pear. His eyes are long and narrow, and he has a tiny mouth.


Owaritchi is an up and coming comedy duo that performs Manzai-style comedy: Pii plays the "straight man" while Puu plays the "funny man". However, the pair need a lot of practice.

Name Origin

"Owarai" is Japanese for "comedy".

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