Oyajitchi singing

Oyajitchi singing.

Oyaji no Hanamichi (おやじの花道), roughly meaning "Old Man's Runway", is an enka (traditional-style Japanese ballad) song that first appeared in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. It always plays on a stereo in Oyajitchi's stall and he often sings along to it.

A full version of the song sung by Oyajitchi appears on the Ready GO Hasha GO Daishu GO! Tamagotchi! CD.

The song also appears on the Tamagotchi 4U. If the user has Melodytchi in her Oyamelojitchi Post-Adult form, pressing the C button will occasionally cause Oyajitchi appear and sing it with her.


TAMAGOTCHI おやじの花道 Full CD ver03:39

TAMAGOTCHI おやじの花道 Full CD ver.

Full version

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