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Painaputchi Painaputchi TF sprite

Painaputchi (パイナプっち) is a female teenager Tamagotchi character who first appeared on the Tamagotchi iD L. She was later raisable on the newest English release, Tamagotchi Friends.


Painaputchi is light yellow with half a pineapple on her head. Sometimes pineapple juice drips from it acting like hair. She has a yellow dress and stick-like arms.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi iD L

She can evolve from Kingyobotchi with 0-3 care misses or Paletchi with 0-1 care misses. She can evolve into Lovelitchi with 0-1 care mistakes, Melodytchi with 2-3 care mistakes, Moriritchi with 4 care mistakes, Chamametchi with 5 care mistakes, or Memetchi with 6+ care mistakes.

Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy version

She evolves from the same teens as the regular iD L. She can evolve into Lovelitchi with 0-1 care mistakes, Watawatatchi with 2-3 care mistakes, Chamametchi with 4 care mistakes, Violetchi with 5 care mistakes, or Agetchi with 6+ care mistakes.

Tamagotchi Friends

Painaputchi is one of three female teens, and can be obtained from Terupotchi or Puchihanatchi with average to bad care.

Name Origin

Painaputchi's name comes from the Japanese word for "pineapple", (パイナップル painappuru) which is what her design is based on.


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