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Pannakotchi sprite

Pannakotchi (ぱんなこっち) is a female child-stage Tamagotchi who appears on the Tamagotchi 4U.


Pannakotchi resembles panna cotta. She has a cone-like body with a flat top, and two tiny round feet. She has creamy skin and pink cheeks. There is a green, leafy garnish on top of her head. 

On Virtual PetsEdit

Tamagotchi 4UEdit

Pannakotchi evolves from Ufufutchi after one hour if the happiness or friendship level is left between zero and nine. Due to the eradication of the teen stage, Pannakotchi will evolve into an adult character after forty-eight hours.

Name OriginEdit

Pannakotchi's name comes from the Italian dessert "panna cotta". C and K are interchangeable in Japan, so her name can also be written as "Pannacotchi."