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Passion! Mametchi's Fan Club (ねつれつ!まめっちファンクラブ Netsuretsu! Mametchi Fankurabu) is the ninth episode of the Let's Go! Tamagotchi series. The episode was directed by Yuji Asada and written by Aya Matsui.



At the Tama Restuarant, Young Mametchi, Makiko, and Ringotchi are all seen at a table. Young Mametchi decides to declare a meeting for the Mametchi Fan Club. He decides to start with a topic based on news updates for "how wonderful Mametchi is". Young Mametchi turns to Ringotchi for the first story about wonderful things Mametchi has done. Ringotchi details that the encounter began right before 2nd period was about to begin, and a flashback starts.

Ringotchi is seen walking into a classroom, and she notices Mametchi near the window with a butterfly, as it snacks on a flower. Ringotchi admires him for being so caring about others. Mametchi then reminds the butterfly that everyone else will be coming back from recess, so he can't let it get lost inside of the school. So he lets out his hand for the butterfly and sets it free out the window, saying it can come back and visit anytime it wants to.

Makiko thanks Ringotchi for telling the story, and Young Mametchi claims that Mametchi is "the sweetest boy who ever lived". Next, Makiko tells her story, which involved both her and Memetchi getting into a disagreement. Another flashback starts.

Makiko and Memetchi are both seen in the hallway arguing about who's curls look better. Mametchi sees the two girls and asks what is happening between the two of them. Makiko comes up with the idea to let Mametchi judge who's curls look better and teases Memetchi because she'd be scared of what Mametchi would say. Memetchi says that she isn't scared of what Mametchi would say in regards of who's curls look better. Memetchi then presents the argument to Mametchi about who's curls look better, either hers or Makiko's. The two girls then start to fight over who's curls look better.

Ringotchi comes up with the idea of how Mametchi would've resolved the situation. She implies that Mametchi would say that both Memetchi and Makiko's curls are extremely cute, but they look better when they're smiling rather than when they're fighting. Makiko claims that its a good guess, but it isn't what happened.

Young Mametchi then comes up with the idea that Mametchi would've made a scientific experiment based on who's curls are "perfectly proportionate". Mametchi then performs the experiment and comes to the conclusion that both Memetchi and Makiko's curls are perfectly measured, almost like twins.

Makiko says that the situation Young Mametchi brought up wasn't what happened. Both her and Ringotchi try to get Makiko to tell them what happened in the end. Just as Makiko tells them what happens in the end, Mametchi is seen walking down the sidewalk with Chamametchi, and he trips to end off the episode.