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Genders and Releases:
Pirorintchi sprite

Pirorintchi (ピロリンっち) is a teen female character that debuted on the Mesutchi. Her male counterpart is Piroriroritchi.


Pirorintchi resembles a pink triangle with stubby limbs and an antenna coming from the top of her head, ending with a clover shape.


Whether in matters of love or general decision-making, she's a little wishy-washy, so when she's trying to make up her mind she always loses her chance and is left behind. Falling in (and out of) love... Going on diets... A young girl's problems are endless! But it seems the trouble she causes does not thin her relationships with the boys.

On Virtual Pets


Pirorintchi is a TMP2 teen that evolves from Currypantchi with average care or better, though can also be obtained from Mizutamatchi with severe enough neglect. Pirorintchi evolves into Billkotchi with average care or better, though can regress into Gankotchi with below average care.

Name Origin

"Pirorin" is a Japanese onomatopoeia, usually for jingling sounds, like that of a cell phone ringing.

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