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Genders and Appearances:
Sakanatchi Sea
Planktontchi sprite Planktontchi sprite SNES Planktontchi sprite GB

Planktontchi (プランクトンっち Purankutontchi) is a baby character that debuted on the Tamagotchi Ocean.


Planktontchi resembles a small, yellow ball with a face, an antenna on top, and three legs underneath.


Planktontchi grew up with several tens of thousands of childhood friends and relatives, but thanks to predators and other agents of natural selection, it is currently all alone. Perhaps as a result of this, it's become lonely, world-weary, anguished eyes for such a little baby. It's very independent, and plans to leave the Tamagotchi Ocean to search all the seas in the world for new friends.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Ocean

Planktontchi is the baby stage, and will evolve into Kuragetchi after one hour.

Name Origin

Planktontchi's name is derived from the English word "plankton".

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