The Pocket Designer (ポケットデザイナー Poketto Dezainā) is an item from the third anime series, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. Both Miraitchi and Clulutchi have one as it was created by their father, Doctor Future. He put too much power into the Pocket Designer like he does with his other inventions, which is how the clothes designed on the Pocket Designer can become real.

Doctor Future gave Pocket Designers to Miraitchi and Clulutchi because of their passion for designing. Candy Pakupaku also has a Pocket Designer.


The twins use their Pocket Designers to design clothes for their friends; their creations then become real so they can be worn. The Pocket Designer can also create clothes that give Tamagotchis the ability to fly, which helps them obtain the Dreambakutchis.

When a Dreambakutchi is found, it will then be stored in the Pocket Designer, much like how Kizunatchi and the Tama Hearts can enter the Tama Profy. The Dreambakutchi will continue to live inside the Pocket Designer, on a small world behind the screen. Miraitchi and Clulutchi can then check on the Dreambakutchis they have collected.


The Pocket Designer is pink and rectangular. The screen is farther on the right side of the toy instead of in the middle, and is surrounded by a black border. On the top left corner is a small, pink heart jewel, and on the bottom left corner is a hole for attaching charms. The slot for the stylus is on the lower right side of the device. There is a pattern of stitches all along the edges of the device.

A charm can be attached to the lower left corner of the device. Miraitchi's Pocket Designer has a rose charm, Clulutchi's has a crown charm, and Candy Pakupaku's has a candy-shaped charm.

The toy of the Pocket Designer has the words "TMGC" and "Pocket Designer" engraved on its surface; this does not appear in the anime depiction of the device. The front side of the case is pearly, and the infra-red sensor is on the upper left side of the toy. The toy is about 11 centimeters wide, 6.5 centimeters high, and 2.5 centimeters thick.


Bandai released a toy of this item, called Pen Touch Pocket Designer Notebook. The toy sells for 8,379 Yen and it takes two AA batteries. It has a color touch screen and a stylus, much like a Nintendo DS. It only has one button, which is the heart in the top left corner, and serves as a "cancel" button. Users can create their own clothing, accessories, items, food, and room themes buy choosing shape, pattern, and colors. Creations can be sent to the Tamagotchi P's, or sold in the Miracle Shop and auctions on the Pocket Designer.

There are also covers available to buy for the toy. There were only two covers to be released: The original version and a Mezzo Piano version. There are Pocket Designer sets that include covers but they are more costly. The sets also come with a scrunchie and a book.


  • Mezzo Piano is a popular fashion line in Japan that makes clothes for young girls.

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