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Genders and Releases:
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Propellertchi (ぷろぺらっち Puroperatchi) is a male teen character that debuted on the Osutchi in Japan, and on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 internationally. His female counterpart is Batabatchi.


Propellertchi somewhat resembles Kuchitamatchi with short feet and a propeller with green blades sticking up from above his head.


He is said to use all the rumors he's heard (and confirmed) as research for his Great Romance Novel. That's why, even though he doesn't have much actual experience in falling in love, he acts like he knows everything.

On Virtual Pets


Propellertchi is a TMP3 teen that evolves from Mizutamatchi. He evolves into Kabutchi with average care or better, but can regress into a TMP2 adult with sufficient neglect. He sleeps from 9 PM to 9 AM, and his base weight is 20g.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 1

Propellertchi's data is present on English editions, but cannot be obtained through normal play. He is programmed as an adult character with no defined gender.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 2

Propellertchi is a gender-neutral teen that can be obtained on even generations. Its favorite food is doughnuts and dislikes energy drinks.

Name Origin

Propellertchi comes from the English word "propeller".


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