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Petiteletchi sprite

PuchiTeletchi (ぷちテレっち Puchiteletchi) is a baby stage character that appears exclusively on the Mesutchi and Osutchi.


PuchiTeletchi is small with a round, green body, a pair of black ears, and stubby feet.


Always smiling, PuchiTeletchi is a cheerful baby.

On Virtual Pets

Mesutchi and Osutchi

PuchiTeletchi is the TMP4 baby, and can be born either when Kabutchi and Pipotchi marry, or when ChoMametchi and ChoHimetchi marry. After the parent leaves, PuchiTeletchi will stay in this form for 24 hours before evolving into Harutchi. PuchiTeletchi wakes at 9 AM, sleeps at 8 PM, and its base weight is 5g.

Name Origin

PuchiTeletchi's name comes from the French word petit (Japanese: プチ puchi), and the Japanese word tereru (照れる), which means to feel bashful or shy.

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