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Puchioyatchi sprite

Puchioyatchi (ぷちおやっち Puchioyatchi) is a Parent Stage character that appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5. Puchioyatchi can be either gender, and it is the parent form of Puchiputchi.


Puchioyatchi resembles a round ball sitting inside an egg broken in half, with the top half used as a hat, and the bottom half used as an outfit. They have stubby arms, stick legs, rosy cheeks, and a beak. The male Puchioyatchi is green with a yellow beak, while the female is purple with a pink beak and eyelashes.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

Any parent-stage character can transform into Puchioyatchi if the family's hungry hearts diminish three times, forming the Petite Family. Unlike the children, the parents' evolution cannot be reversed.

A Puchiputchi that marries will evolve into Puchioyatchi.

Name Origin

Puchioyatchi's name comes from the word puchi, which means small, and oya, which means parent(s).

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