Putchicaketchi (ぷっちけーきっち Putchikēkitchi) is a female child stage character introduced with the Tamagotchi 4U+.


Putchicaketchi resembles a cupcake. She has small legs, pink icing for hair, and three heart decorations: one pink, one green and one yellow. She also has a large cherry at the top of her head.

Appearance on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi 4U+

Putchicaketchi evolves from Yuraratchi after an hour. She replaces Hiyayatchi from the Tamagotchi 4U and is obtained if her happiness level is at 10 or more units at the end of the baby stage. She sleeps from 20:00 to 7:00. She evolves after 48 hours.

Name Origin

Putchicaketchi's name comes from French petit (プチ puchi) and English cake (ケーキ kēki). Together, her name means 'small cake'. Because of this she is also known as "Petitcaketchi" and "Puchicaketchi".

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