Pyukitchi tah


Genders and Releases:
Pyukitchi sprite

Pyukitchi (ピュキっち) is a teen female character introduced in Mesutchi and Osutchi. Her male counterpart is Kuribotchi.


Pyukitchi is pink with large eyes. Her head is shaped like a raindrop and her ears are red and pointy.


She is a loveable girl who is able to bring together couples which have quarreled, making everybody happy.

On Virtual Pets


Pyukitchi is the TMP4 teen that evolves from Harutchi from average care or better. She can evolve into ChoHimetchi if good care is maintained; if neglected, she will degrade one TMP level and evolve into Pipotchi instead.

Name Origin

Pyu may come from pyua (ピュア), the Japanese transliteration of "pure". Ki can mean "soul" or "spirit", so her name would most likely translate to "pure soul".

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