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Remitchi haneru sprite

Remitchi haneru 2 sprite

Close Up (Hanerutchi 2 only):
Remitchi close1 Remitchi close2

Remitchi (澪美っち Remitchi) is a Hanerutchi character who appears on the Hanerutchi and its Entama-based 2006 upgrade, the Hanerutchi 2. Initially she was a gender-neutral adult, but was changed to a female teen on the Hanerutchi 2. Remitchi is inspired by Haneru No Tobira.


Hanerutchi 1

Remitchi's Hanerutchi 1 artwork depicits her as a girl with long, brown hair and a fringe. She is also wearing informal clothes and a scarf. Her eyes do not have pupils and her nose and lips are invisible. Her eyebrows are also not seen because they are hidden by her fringe.

Hanerutchi 2

Remitchi looks very different on the Hanerutchi 2. She has black hair in a wavy curl and no fringe. She is also more formal-looking and wears work clothes and high heels. She is not wearing a scarf. All of her facial features are seen, and her lips are visible.

Appearance in Virtual Pets

Hanerutchi 1

Remitchi is an adult stage character appearing in odd generations from above average care. She sleeps from 10 PM to 9 AM, but it is possible to put her to sleep at 9:30 PM by turning the lights off if the clock was not manually changed to that time.

Hanerutchi 2

Remitchi is the female teen in the Owarai Group who is obtained from good care (less than four care mistakes). She evolves from Alex Garciatchi and into either Itatchi with high Music GUT points, Murata Sanaetchi with high Phys Ed GUT points, or Tsukanumatchi with high Comedy GUT points. She wakes and sleeps at 9:00 AM/PM and has a base weight of 10 grams. She is of average to low maintenance and will evolve after 72-84 hours.


  • In the Hanerutchi 2, Remitchi's name was erroneously translated as "Lemitchi". However, both translations can be considered correct as there is no seperate L and R in Japan; L does not exist as a letter as it is the same as R.
  • In Remitchi's close-up on the Hanerutchi 2, she will look as if she is standing in a doorway in her first frame. This makes her the first character to feature background graphics in a close up, be it in any of the frames or both.

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