Round and Round Tamagotchi! (ぐるぐる たまごっち! Guru guru Tamagotchi!) is a Tamagotchi video game for the Nintendo 3DS/2DS. The developer and publisher of the game is unknown. It was released in Japan on the 24th of April 2014.

The game follows the graphics and art styles of Cho~ricchi! Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisecchi, but with a brand new twist. This time, players can travel to ten different locations around Earth; Russia, India, Japan, Australia, France, Finland, Egypt, America, Hawaii, and Brazil. Each location has different attractions to visit, souvenirs to obtain, and a mini-game to play.

Players can make their own Tamagotchi character to play as. Various body components, outfits, and accessories can be unlocked to further customize the character.

Featured characters


Russia: Players must help Pianitchi ice skate. When a curvy arrow appears on the touch screen, the player must use the stylus to quickly trace the arrow and make Pianitchi jump or spin.

India: Players must help Candy Pakupaku serve other Tamagotchis curry dishes. They must choose the correct ingredients and cook the curry for the right amount of time to fulfil the customer's order.

France: Players must help Miraitchi and Clulutchi create outfits by choosing the correct clothing template, material, and decorations.

Egypt: As Mametchi, players must find their way through the pyramid collecting Egyptian treasures until they find the exit.

America: Players must help Melodytchi make hot dogs for the customers by cooking the weiners, and choosing the correct bun and sauce.

Hawaii: Players must help Coffretchi Hula dance with other Tamagotchis.

Brazil: Players must help Kuromametchi win the soccer game by kicking the soccer ball along the field. They must avoid the other team's players and reach the goal.

Australia: Players must help Kiraritchi answer a quiz about Australia by choosing the correct landmark on the map according to the question.



  • Matryoshka/Russian nesting doll (マトリョーシカ Matoryōshika)
  • Gujeri ceramics (グジェリ陶器 Gujeri tōki)
  • Pirozhki (ピロシキ Piroshiki)
  • Borscht/Beetroot soup (ボルシチ Borushichi)
  • Skating shoes (スケート靴 Sukēto kutsu)


  • Elephant ornament (ゾウの置物 Zō no okimono)
  • Chai tea (紅茶チャイ Kōcha Chai)
  • Insence (お香 O Kaori)
  • Curry (カレー Karē)
  • Rickshaw (リキシャ Rikisha)


  • Brand bag (ブランドバッグ Burando baggu)
  • French bread (フランスパン Furansu pan)
  • Macaroon (マカロン Makaron)
  • Camembert cheese (カマンベールチーズ Kamanbēru chīzu)
  • Phantom of the Opera mask (ぺらざのかいじんかめん Peraza no kaijin kamen)


  • Camel Ornament (ラクダのおきもの Rakuda no okimono)
  • Perfume Bottle (こうすいびん Kousuibin)
  • Hierogylph Stele (ヒエログリフの石碑 Hierogurifu no sekihi)
  • Riq (レク Reku)
  • Papyrus (パピルス Papirusu)


  • Hamburger (ハンバーガー Hanbāgā)
  • Brownies (ブラウニー Buraunī)
  • Jeans (ジーンズ Jīnzu)
  • Yellow Cab (イエローキャブ Ierō kyabu)
  • Major League Signed Ball (メジャーリーガーサインボール Mejā rīgā sain bōru)


  • Hawaiian Quilt (ハワイアンキルト Hawaian kiruto)
  • Macadamia Chocolates (マカダミアチョコ Makadamia choko)
  • Lei and Plumeria (レイ+プルメリア Rei + purumeria)
  • Pancakes (パンケーキ Pankēki)
  • Ukulele (ウクレレ Ukurere)


  • Acai Bowl (アサイーボウル Asaī bouru)
  • Coffee Beans (コーヒー豆 Kōhī mame)
  • Samba Feather Headress (サンバの羽 Sanba no hane)
  • Beach Sandals (ビーチサンダル Bīchi sandaru)
  • Brazil Uniform (ブラジルユニフォーム Burajiru yunifōmu)


  • Boomerang (ブーメラン Būmeran)
  • Opal (オパール Opāru)
  • Kangaroo Plush Toy (カンガルーのぬいぐるみ Kangarū no nuigurumi)
  • Eucalyptus Aroma Oil (ユーカリアロマオイル Yūkari aroma oiru)
  • Mutton Boots (ムートンブーツ Mūton būtsu)




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