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Sakuramotchi (さくらもっち) is a female child Tamagotchi character who debuted on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 and then the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity.


Sakuramotchi resembles a round, pink ball with rosy cheeks, thin legs, and a leaf and cherry blossom on top of her head.


Sakuramotchi is very shy and smart. Her skin is always well taken care of.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 / Celebrity

Sakuramotchi evolves from a female Mimifuwatchi. She is part of the Smart group (Sociable on the Celebrity). Depending on what training items are used, she can evolve into Chamametchi, Ichigotchi, or Shelltchi.

Tamagotchi Plus Color / Hexagontchi

Sakuramotchi evolves from Nokotchi on odd generations. She evolves into Chamametchi with less than three Care Mistakes, or Ichigotchi with three or more.

Name Origin

Sakuramotchi's name comes from the Japanese food sakuramochi, a pink sticky rice cake (mochi) filled with azuki bean paste, and wrapped in a cherry blossom (sakura) leaf.