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Santaclautchi anime

Genders and Appearances:
North North Point
December 25
Santaclautchi2004 sprite

Santaclautchi (サンタクロっち Santakurotchi) is a male adult character that serves as the modern incarnation of the 1998 Santaclautchi. He debuted on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 as a holiday animation, and has appeared on all modern releases since.


Santaclautchi resembles Classic Santaclautchi, except the "mustache" portion of the beard has been removed, making his mouth more visible.


On December 24th at 10:30 PM, Santaclautchi appears and leaves a present for the Tamagotchi. The present is merely cosmetic, and disappears when the Tamagotchi wakes up.

In the Anime


Santaclautchi in the anime

In the anime series, Santaclautchi only made exclusive appearances in Christmas-themed episodes. He made his first anime appearance in the episode, Rednosetchi is Lost! and continued to appear in each Christmas episode every year. Like the real Santa, he dedicates bringing Christmas joy by bringing the kind Tamagotchi folk presents every year on Christmas Eve. When walking in Tamagotchi Town, he wears a black cloak so that Tamagotchis don't recognize him as Santaclautchi, but the cloak usually falls off. Even when this happens, most Tamagotchis don't think he's Santaclautchi because so many other Tamagotchis are dressed as Santa during Christmas time. He is often getting separated from Rednosetchi.

Other Forms

Santabluetchi anime

Anime artwork for Santabluetchi


Santabluetchi (サンタブルーっち Santaburūtchi) is the Santaclautchi Tamagotchi of Dream Town. He has a differently shaped beard and hair, and he wears a blue outfit. Santabluetchi first appeared in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream in Christmas-kyan! Fluffy Yumecantchi. He had a minor role where he was searching for his missing partner, Buenosetchi.


Santagreentchi (サンタグリーンっち Santagurīntchi) is the Santaclautchi of summer. He wears sunglasses, vacation clothing, and a green hat. He also has a gray beard.


Santayellowtchi anime

Anime artwork for Santayellowtchi

Santayellowtchi (サンタイエローっち Santaierōtchi) is the Santaclautchi of DoriTama Town. He has a yellow outfit, a small beard, and sideburns. He first appeared in GO-GO Tamagotchi! in the episode Christmas Miracle. His partner is Yellownosetchi.

Name Origin

Santaclautchi comes from the name "Santa Claus," the figure based on Santaclautchi. It is simply mashed together and added with the standard Tamagotchi name suffix, "tchi," but with the "s" removed from "Claus."


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