Shirimotchi (しりもっち)



Genders and Appearances:
Dream Town
July 1

Shirimotchi (しりもっち Shirimotchi) is a male adult Tamagotchi character that debuted in the anime Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. He was released as a raisable character on the Tamagotchi P's.


Shirimotchi enjoys participating in outdoor activities and stargazing. He is a romanticist, and his dream to travel to many places around the world. Shiromotchi may encounter many difficulties, but he doesn't give up.

In the Anime

Shirimotchi does not attend Dream School, so he is considered a wandering explorer, hence his appearance. His Tama Pet is Makimotchi. Shirimotchi and Makimotchi competed in the "Pretty Tama Pet Contest" in episode 13 of the anime, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream.

Name Origin

"Shirimochi" is a Japanese phrase which literally means, "falling on one's butt", but it can be used in the sense that someone made a mistake or had an unlucky circumstance.


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