(しろはーとっち Shirohaatotchi)

Genders and Releases:
Makkakka Town
ShiroHeartchi sprite

ShiroHeartchi (しろはーとっち Shirohātotchi) is a baby stage character that appears on the Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus Akai and also appeared as a customer in Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop. Her male counterpart is Heartchi.


ShiroHeartchi resembles a white heart with eyes, a mouth, and a pair of stubby feet.

Name Origin

Her name comes from the Japanese word "shiro" meaning "white", and the English word "heart".

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus Akai

ShiroHeartchi serves as the female baby, and has a 50% chance of appearing when hatching or after marriage.

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