Smapi (スマピ Sumapi)
Pianitchi Smapi

Pianitchi and her Smapi (Not actual size)

is short for Smart Piano Pad (スマートピアノパッド sumāto piano paddo), is a tablet that is owned by Pianitchi in the anime Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. The tablet can play various instruments such as piano or guitar.

Many Tamagotchis besides Pianitchi now use the Smapi for playing music. For example, members of the bands Kira Kira Girls and Pretty Princesses use Smapi pads.


Pianitchi's Smapi is pink and rectangular, but slightly rounded at the bottom. There is a white border around the piano card. At the bottom is a purple ribbon with a white gem in the middle, with three gems on both sides. The toy version of the Smapi has the word "Tamagotchi" under the purple ribbon.


The Smapi was released as a toy in March 2013. The tablet works by inserting instrument cards from the top and using them to play the desired instrument by touching the clear, touch-sensitive film covering the card. It has three buttons; a confirmation button (the large button on the purple ribbon), a cancel button (on the white gem to the right of the ribbon), and an on/off switch at the side. The toy talks in Pianitchi's voice. It comes with three cards, each with a different selection on both sides. In total, the selection includes a piano, guitar, saxophone, drums, mini-game, or a session.

There are three modes which are chosen by touching the arrows in the top left corner of the card. The arrows are also used to choose songs. In performance mode, the user can choose a song and the desired tune will play no matter which buttons of the instrument are touched.

In contest mode, the user must choose a song and then play it at the correct tempo along with the background music. Like performance mode, it doesn't matter where on the instrument is touched.

In free mode, the user can freely play their own tune.

The mini-game that is played with the mini-game card is where the player must touch the named characters in the correct order.

The session card is for two people to both play a song on the Smapi. Both people can choose an instrument despite the fact that the card looks like a piano. For example, the person with the red half of the piano could play the guitar while the person with the blue side of the piano could play the drums.

There are 16 songs on the Smapi for performance mode and contest mode. Four of them are Tamagotchi songs; Kirakira☆Dream, Rock 'N' Heart!, Hop Step Dream, and Powerful Beat. The rest are classic songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday.