Sufuinkuizutchi (すふぃんくいずっち) is a male character that appears only in episode 136 of Tamagotchi!, along with Adobentchi. He is found in the hidden crystal caves under Gotchi King's Castle, and guards the door to the crystal crown. To get through, you have to answer his questions correctly. If you do, a little red glowing circle will pop out of his head. He is based on the Riddle of the Sphinx

Even though he is large in size, he can move very suddenly from room to room.

One of the questions that Sufuikuizutchi asks is, what has four legs, and then two legs, and then three legs?  Mametchi used his smarts to answer this question - People crawl when they are babies, like they have four legs, and then they have two legs when they learn to walk.  Then, they have three legs when they are old because they have a walking stick.  He was about to say Tamagotchi, but then he remembered that some Tamagotchis (like Gotchi King) don't have legs.  Mametchi realised that the answer was a human, such as Tomomi.

Name Origin

Sufuinkuizutchi's name is a blend of sphinx (スフィンクス sufinkusu) and quiz (クイズ kuizu).


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