This article is about the Gaiatchi. You may be looking for the Version 5 character of the same name.

Sunnytchi (たいようっち Taiyōtchi) is a Tamagotchi that resembles and functions as the Tamagotchi Planet's sun. He appears in the anime series and Tamagotchi: The Movie. He can also be seen in Tamatown V4's Patchi Forest.


In Tamagotchi: The Movie, he is portrayed as easy-going and carefree. He enjoys relaxing at the hot springs in Patchi Forest, and casually chatting with Principal Mimizu.

Name Origin

His Japanese name comes from the word for the Sun, 太陽 taiyō. In the English translation of Tamagotchi: Party On!, he was given the name Sunnytchi. This would later be problematic as the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 introduced another character whose name in both Japanese and English is Sunnytchi (さにーっち)

Appearances in Tamagotchi Media

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

His first appearance is in episode four, A Day in the Patchi Forest. As he rises into the sky, he wishes everyone a good morning.

Tamagotchi: The Movie

Sunnytchi plays a major role in Tamagotchi: The Movie. In an attempt to overcome his fear of the dark, Mametchi made a small, portable version of Sunnytchi, known as Mamesunnytchi. The following day, Sunnytchi mysteriously disappears, causing the Tamagotchi Planet to catch a cold. Later on, it's revealed Sunnytchi had simply taken a vacation to visit the hot springs, and returns to bring light back to the planet.


  • In Tamagotchi: The Movie, Mametchi created a tiny sun called Mamesunnytchi, who is similar in appearance to Sunnytchi.