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Super Unchikun


Genders and Appearances:
SuperUnchikun sprite V5 SuperUnchikun sprite V5alt SuperUnchikun sprite mini

Super Unchikun (スーパーうんちくん) is a special Tamagotchi that first appeared on the Tamagotchi Keitai, and has been seen infrequently since.


Super Unchikun resembles a large, sparkling, golden poo with arms, legs, a face, and star-shaped blushes.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Keitai, Akai and Hanerutchi 1

Super Unchikun is rewarded to the Tamagotchi by the Gotchi King if the user donates one thousand Gotchi Points. After earning it, if the Tamagotchi makes a poo but does not respond to it immediately, Super Unchikun appears and cleans it up. It will only stay for one generation; the user must donate to the Gotchi King again for each new generation.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

Super Unchikun is a common item that can be purchased for 5000 Gotchi points. When used, three Super Unchikuns appear and dance. Each time the item is used, the Bonding percentage increases by 0.3%. The sprite on all English editions is altered as to conceal the nature of the character.