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Surprise! Tama-April-Fool's Day (ウソッ!? たまプリルフール Uso~tsu! ? Tama purirufūru) is part 1 of episode 25 of Tamagotchi!. It is the final episode of season one. It aired on March 29, 2010. The episode is written by Ikuko Yoshinari.


School day ends at Tamagotchi School. Inside the classroom of Grippatchi, several people talk about themselves. Kuromametchi somehow wants to be a stand-up comedian, Makiko confesses she has straight hair and often has bad hair days, Gozarutchi says he's 'not' a ninja but he's a magician, Kuchipatchi thinks he "very thin", Flowertchi says that she found a flower that is bigger than Tamagotchi Planet, and Mametchi tells that he's gonna be the next cast in the next Gotchiman episode.

Then the scene switches to Lovelin at a stage set resembling a classroom in a love theme. She announces to her viewers, that it's gonna be her last day of her superstar career, which shocked everyone. Fortunately, she was only kidding. Back at class, the people were laughing, saying that it's all a joke of what they all they just said.

Makiko explained that today is April Fool's Day, The day that they can tell lies all the time. As everybody explained, Mametchi notices Memetchi is still feeling down earlier and he encourages her to make a joke to the gang. As she starts making a word, the gang start listening up to her. Then she said that her family will be moving away, surprising everybody. But they just laughed with it since it's just only a "joke". Kuchipatchi and Makiko come up to her and tells her to me more creative in her joke. But no response came from her.

Mametchi asks if Memetchi is okay. But then she starts explaining: her grandmother lived in a faraway village called Sanatino. But now, she's having trouble living all alone. So her family has to move in with her to take care of her. Despite this, the gang believe she is still joking, and Flowertchi said not to tell jokes that are serious in April Fool's Day. No response came from her. Then, the gang start to believe her. Memetchi says it's gonna be hard for her to say goodbye to her friends. So she requests that they all keep it a secret. The gang were surprised even more. Then Memetchi thanked the gang for being good friends with her. Then she ran away in her worry and the gang watched, horrified.

Outside school, Memetchi reveals to herself that it was really a joke. Then complements herself of her flawlessness. Laying down on the grass, she prefers that she won't tell the gang that it's a lie. Back at the classroom, the gang still believe Memetchi's confession and they are all in despair. Kuromametchi and Gozarutchi, who still are in a normal mood, says that Memetchi is the one having a hard time. Then, Flowertchi said that she needs to ask the gang something.

The sun sets. And Memetchi appeared to have snoozed throughout most of the day. She wakes up, wondering what time is it. Flowertchi went up to her, saying that she was looking for her. Then she tells her to meet at the TamaCafe, where "they" are waiting for her before she runs off. Thinking that Flowertchi is "acting weird", Memetchi wondered about it.

So Memetchi arrived at the TamaCafe early night. Where she saw that it has been well-decorated, with ribbons and an arranged table, and there is a banner that says "Memetchi a Farewell Party". And her friends are there, looking sad for her. Wondering what is going on, Mametchi said that the gang decided to throw her a farewell party for her. Memetchi was confused. Flowertchi said that her news did surprised them, but they understand that her grandmother needs her. Memetchi nervously thanked them. But thinking to herself, she now has no idea what to do next since she wouldn't tell them its just only a joke.

Lovelitchi arrives, in tears. Noticing her, Memetchi said that she was supposed to be working. Then she said that she had to leave work early so she can attend to her farewell party. Which is much to her surprise again. Lovelitchi continued talking, saying that Memetchi was the first friend she ever offered her friendship since she first came to Tamagotchi Town. She was so happy when Memetchi said to her: "I was your Tama-Friend". And now, she is going to miss her since she is moving. Lovelitchi hugged her. Yet, Memetchi is still trying to explain herself. Lovelitchi then shows Memetchi a phone strap that she gave her. The strap has a blue bow ribbon with a yellow chain linking to the heart incased in a clear sphere with little balls inside it. It was her most valuable charms and she wants Memetchi to take it with her. Memetchi, still nervous, says that she can't have it. Lovelitchi insisted that she takes it, since her friendship with Memetchi means a lot to her. The gang watched the two in empathy.

Memetchi had no choice but to accept her gift. She said to herself that it is now going too far. Then, Makiko presents Memetchi her favorite hairdryer. Memetchi once tried borrowing it from her, but that made her mad. Makiko said that she will always remember her as her eternal rival and wants to give the dryer to her. But Memetchi tries to let her keep it. Then, Kuromametchi moved up and wants to give Memetchi his prized possession: His electric guitar. Memetchi exaggerated that it means a lot to him. Yet, he wants her to have it so she can play it when she is alone. Flowertchi comes up and presents a myrtle, a potted blue flower plant. It was her best friend and it means "don't forget me". She promises to Memetchi that she will take care of it. Next up is Gozarutchi, who gives her his favorite shuriken made a long time ago. Then Mametchi gives Memetchi an autograph signed by Gotchiman. And Kuchipatchi gave her donuts made by him, in which he tried so hard not to eat them.

Memetchi was flattered, she says she can just buy them in any store. Then she tries to tell the gang something. But Mametchi interrupted her, saying that the gang wants to show her a video on the screen. As the projector turns on, it shows the "Memory of Memetchi", where it is presented as a slideshow. The first picture shows Memetchi at the age of her infancy. Memetchi became surprised. As the video continues playing it shows her with Mametchi and Kuchipatchi. It shows them sliding on a slide, playing with fireworks, and the time they found the Pumpkin Soup Lake in their halloween costumes. They were playing in at a beach in the water and the three were dancing at a bonfire night.

Kuchipatchi starts to become sad, Mametchi told him no tears (he was already tearing up too) and that they have to smile at the last minute. Panning to Memetchi, she became even more horrified just by standing there. Back at the video, a photo shows Memetchi is picking flowers along with Flowertchi and Makiko. The next photo shows she was seen running with Lovelitchi. Then she was running with Makiko. And then there was a group photo of her, with Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Flowertchi, Makiko, Kuromametchi, Gozarutchi, and Lovelitchi. After that, the video ends, with a final message: "So long, See you again.".

The gang are now sitting at the table. Everyone is quiet and looking depressed, with Memetchi still getting more flattered everytime. Finally, she talked to herself into making her to tell the truth to her friends. She tried to, but Flowertchi interrupted her, saying that she didn't need to say anything and they all know "how she feels". Memetchi still tried to insist, but Makiko spoke up to her saying that she'll write to her all the time. Memetchi was speechless.

Then, Mametchi says that they wanted to show another surprise for her, where Kuromametchi and Gozarutchi pushes a cart with an object on it covered by a sheet. Upon the uncovering, it was a bronze statue representation of Memetchi herself. Mametchi said that they're gonna place the statue in front of Tamagotchi School so they won't miss her during class and recess. Then everyone said that they'll be "Tama-Friends forever with her."

Memetchi is now distraught. She was overcome with their worries since the situation is going out of hand. As she thinks to herself, she began to imagine what happens if she tells the truth: All of her friends became angry at her for lying to them, causing her to become lost and broken. Memetchi became mortified after the dramatization.

Then, a woman calls out to her. Upon inspection, it was the rest of Memetchi's family, Memepapatchi, Mememamatchi, and Imotchi. She became surprised since they'll tell the gang the truth. But then she thinks it could be the perfect opportunity to her. But when the family comes up to her, Mememamatchi said that they heard Memetchi is moving to another town. And according to her, she said that they tried calling out to grandmother, but she didn't answered the phone. But she thinks that she will be so glad to hear the "news" and become proud of her. Memetchi was horrified again, since it was not what she would've expected from her parents. Then Imotchi and Memepapatchi wished her good fortune on her new life.

Memetchi became even more mortified, causing her to fall down to her knees in distress. Worried, the gang all come up to her, asking if she is alright. Then, Memetchi finally told everybody that it's a lie. She had to lie because it's Tama-April-Fool's. And against her own will, she burst into crying. She just didn't want to move away, she wanted to stay with her friends. With the truth finally realized, the rest of the gang cried. Memetchi suddenly stopped crying, hearing that everybody was crying as well. As they are all crying, Mametchi said that he doesn't want to seek out another friend to replace her. And Kuchipatchi said that he doesn't want her to move, because Tama-Friends are always together. Memetchi became empathic, she resumed crying, and said sorry to everyone.

Zooming up to the rest of the Meme Family, they didn't cry. Imotchi states that she's impressed that her sister could be able to make those kinds of jokes. Then Memepapatchi says that she's going to talk to her later. And Memepapatchi says that he's glad that she's lucky to have good Tama-Friends.





"Tamagotchi!" - Surprise! Tama-April-Fools' Day12:09

"Tamagotchi!" - Surprise! Tama-April-Fools' Day

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