Genders and Appearances:
Guruguru Town

Takatchi (たかっち) is a female adult Tamagotchi character that appeared in the Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop games and Tamagotchi: Party On!.


She is very tall and has red arms and pink lips. She wears red shoes, a pink scarf, and red earrings. She appears to have yellow hair, two earrings, and three curly hairs on her head (as shown in the picuture above). In the Tamagotchi Corner Shop games, she only has two curly hairs, one earring, and has no yellow hair. Takatchi is always hunched over, and according to Market Obatchi, her back pain is getting really bad because of it.


Takatchi is friends with Market Obatchi. She likes to save money with her by splitting checks and buying things at a cheaper price at supermarket sales and flea markets. She gives advice about cooking and staying clean. One of them is "If you fry bread crusts and sprinkle suger over it, it tastes very good!" 

Name Origin

Takatchi's name likely comes from takai (高い), which means tall.

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