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TamaCafe when closed.

(たまカフェ Tama Kafe) is a café found on Tama Street. It is run by Lovemamalitchi who mainly does all the services. It is also the home of Lovelitchi, Lovemamalitchi, Lovepapalitchi, and Lovesoratchi.

The cafe first released on Tamagotchi!, in episode 2. TamaCafe also acts a lot like a doll house. When opening and closing, it opens and closes exactly like a doll house.


TamaCafe mostly sells sweets and drinks.

Sweets: Muffins, donuts, pancakes, parfaits (ice cream sundaes), puddings, cookies, jelly, sweet pies, marshmallow creative creatures and more.

Drinks: Tea, coffee, fruit shakes, milkshakes, orange juice, apple juice, hot chocolate, milk, Gotchi no Shizuku, soda (fizzy drink) and more.

Tamacafe also does sell meals too, but not that many like Spaghetti.